sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

I'm so sorry...

Como ustedes sabrán el pasado Sábado 13 de marzo, algún "hijo de puta" en el concierto de "The Whitest Boy Alive" se chacaleo al buen Erlend Øye (también líder de Kings Of Convenience) cuando se subió a bailar al VIP y le robaron sus lentes. Ante esta situación los miembros de la banda declararon lo siguiente:

dear mexican audience
….i am writing these few words to make one thing clear.

the show yesterday ended like that, because somebody stole erlend’s glasses.
that’s fucked up, but it does NOT mean the end of the world.
the show was almost at it’s end anyway, we were going to play maybe two more songs
so you didn’t really miss out on something amazing.

of course there was better ways to end the evening, but you have to know
erlend doesn’t see without glasses, and that’s why we couldn’t continue playing.
yes he was upset, but that’s not why we didn’t finish properly.
it’s just impossible to play, sing, dance and entertain people without seeing them.

let’s forget about this strange ending and try to remember the good time we had
and we had some good time.

we are going home now after 3 great weeks in your beautiful country
and we will always come back, don’t worry

see you in a year or two
maybe coachella???

En fin yo no tengo dinero para ir a Coachella así que espero que regresen pronto y que bueno que sepan que no toda la banda es así en México y por eso le rindo al buen Erlend (por segunda ocasión en este blog) un pequeño tributo con esta ilustación.